6 Biggest uranium stocks asx 2022

Uranium market rocketed last year in 2021 but still in 2022 uranium stocks are performing very well. In this post you can find best Uranium stocks ASX.

Without wasting too much time lets discuss Uranium stocks ASX which can give massive gains in 2022.

Their are more than 50 ASX uranium listed companies who are actually uranium miners or have some sort of link with uranium production. Anyways.

In the main quarter of 2022, feeling encompassing the energy fuel was all the while holding solid. After uranium’s two back to back long periods of development in the midst of the pandemic, financial backers and organizations the same are hopeful about what’s in store.

Beneath the Money management News Organization has recorded the greatest uranium stocks on the ASX by market cap. Information for this rundown was gotten on April 14, 2022, utilizing TradingView’s stock screener.

What are the best uranium stocks ASX to buy?

Best uranium stocks asxASX codes
Peninsula EnergyASX: PEN
Paladin EnergyASX: PDN
Energy Resources Of AustraliaASX: ERA
Core Lithium Ltd ASX: CXO
Anson Resources Ltd ASX: ASN
Peninsula EnergyASX: PEN
A-Cap Energy LtdASX: ACB
Best Uranium stocks asx 2022

Peninsula Energy (ASX: PEN)

PEN is simply uranium mining organization. Presently, they are running two ventures, for example, Spear uranium task, USA and Karoo uranium project, South Africa. This organization is creating income from the two activities yet Spear uranium project produce more income as contrast with Karoo uranium project.

While writing this, price of PEN was at $0.20 AUD with an 52 week low of $0.10 AUD and high of $0.35 AUD.

As per Morningstar Quantitative Fair value of ASX:PEN is $0.37 AUD. So in 2022, we can see major uptrend.

Paladin Energy (ASX: PDN)

PDN is biggest asx recorded Australian uranium maker and mining organization works from Western Australia which runs many task all over the planet predominantly in south Africa, Australia and their extremely well known Langer Heinrich mine in Namibia.

While writing this, price of PDN was at $0.78 AUD with an 52 week low of $0.36 AUD and high of $1.35 AUD.

As per Morningstar Quantitative Fair value of ASX:PDN is $0.92 AUD as per current market conditions. So in 2022, we can see major uptrend for this stock if people again start putting their stacks in uranium stocks.

Energy Resources Of Australia (ASX: ERA)

This organization is connected with selling uranium oxide as well as handling and mining. Officer uranium mine site is controlled and worked by Time. Their uranium mines are situated in Darwin, NT.

While writing this, price of ERA was at $0.34 AUD with an 52 week low of $0.19 AUD and high of $0.58 AUD.

As per Morningstar Quantitative Fair value of ASX:ERA is $0.41 AUD.

Core Lithium Ltd (ASX: CXO)

Center lithium as performed super in 2021 yet in 2022 its overwhelming its industry. Essentially CXO is lithium maker however they are additionally in Uranium mining with Fitton Uranium Task in South Australia as well as they got some uranium mining locales in NT.

While writing this, price of CXO was at $1.02 AUD with an 52 week low of $0.21 AUD and high of $1.11 AUD.

As per Morningstar Quantitative Fair value of ASX:CXO is $1 AUD which CXO has already achieved. Being a personal believer and holders of CXO shares, our price prediction for CXO is over $1.5 by the end of 2022.

Anson Resources Ltd (ASX: ASN)

This company was founded in 2009 and deal with various resources such as copper, lithium, nickel. They also have Uranium projects one of their main uranium project is Yellow Cat Vanadium-Uranium project.

While writing this, price of ASN was trading at $0.11 AUD with an 52 week low of $0.04 AUD and high of $0.18 AUD.

As per Morningstar Quantitative Fair value of ASX:ASN is $0.17 AUD. So, in 2022 we can see that ASN might break its high and make new high.

A-Cap Energy Ltd (ASX: ACB)

One more well known uranium stock recorded on asx. This offers has shown nice development over the timeframe. their fundamental uranium mine is Letlhakane Uranium Venture situated in Botswana.

Current price of this share is trading at $0.12 AUD with 52 high of 0.19 cents and low of 0.043 cents.

0.20 cent is fair value of this share as per Morningstar Quantitative. So, 2022 will be very interesting for this share that it will reach its fair value or not by breaking its 52 week high price.

Paladin Energy

Market cap: AU$2.69 billion; current share price: AU$0.96

Paladin Energy (ASX:PDN) is an independent uranium production company based out of Western Australia whose goal is to be a reliable supplier of clean energy for the future.

The company currently has one mine in operation: the Langer Henrich uranium operation in Namibia. While work was paused in 2018 due to continued low uranium prices, the asset is now back up and running.

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