Dabur india ltd stock Profile -2022 Zero to Hero journey

Company History – Dabur India

1884 – Laid out by Dr. S K Burman at Kolkata

1896 – First creation unit laid out at Garhia

1919 – First Research and development unit laid out

Mid 1900s – Creation of Ayurvedic prescriptions Dabur recognizes
nature-based Ayurvedic prescriptions as its area of specialization. It is
the principal Organization to give medical care through experimentally tried
what’s more, mechanized creation of details in light of our customary

1930 – Computerization and upgradation of Ayurvedic items fabricating

1936 – Dabur (Dr. S K Burman) Pvt. Ltd. Integrated

1940 – Individual consideration through AyurvedaDabur presents Indian
customers to individual consideration through Ayurveda, with the send off of Dabur
Amla Hair Oil. So well known is the item that it turns into the biggest
selling hair oil brand in India.

1949 – Sent off Dabur Chyawanprash in tin pack Extending the
prominence and use of customary Ayurvedic items proceeds. The
antiquated helpful Chyawanprash is sent off in bundled structure, and
turns into the first marked Chyawanprash in Quite a while.

1957 – Computerisation of tasks started

1970 – Entered Oral Consideration and Digestives fragment Tending to rustic
markets where custom made oral consideration is more famous than global
brands, Dabur presents Lal Dant Manjan. With this a helpfully
bundled natural toothpowder is made accessible at reasonable expenses to
the majority.

1972 – Movements base to Delhi from Calcutta

1975 – The Organization was consolidated on sixteenth September for fabricate
of high grade palatable and modern guargum powder and its refined
subsidiaries. It was consolidated for the sake of Vishal Synthetic
(India) Ltd.

1978 – Dispatches Hajmola tablet Dabur keeps on making imaginative
items in view of customary definitions that can give comprehensive
care in our everyday existence. An Ayurvedic medication utilized as a stomach related help
is marked and sent off as the well known Hajmola tablet.

1979 – Dabur Exploration Establishment set up

1979 – Business creation begins at Sahibabad, the most present day
natural prescriptions plant around then


  • On nineteenth September, the name was changed to Vidogum and Synthetic substances
    Ltd. The limit of the plant was 2700 tpa of changed and refined
    guargum powder and subsidiaries, for example, oxidized guargum,
    carboxymethylated guargum, sydoxalkylated, guargum and comparative carbo
    hydrate change. It was advanced by Dabur (S. K. Burman) Pvt.
    Ltd. what’s more, established in 1884 in Calcutta. The organization fabricate natural
    what’s more, Ayurvedic drugs and beauty care products in India. Different items
    are Dabur Amla Hair Oil, Badur Chavanprash, Pudin Hara and so on.
  • The organization embraced to set up a unit at Matsya Modern Domain,
    Alwar, Rajasthan for assembling of palatable and modern grade
    guargum powder and its subsidiaries. 1984 – Dabur finishes 100 years 1988 – Dispatches drug prescriptions 1989 – Care with fun The Ayurvedic stomach related definition is changed over
    into a kids’ pleasant item with the send off of Hajmola Candy. In an
    creative move, a corrective item is changed over completely to a confectionary
    thing for more extensive use. 1992 – another scope of coconut oil under the brand name ‘Anmol’ was
    sent off. The organization created Spot 10, a transitional for
    against malignant growth drug in particular Taxol.
  • The Organization embraced to carry out a phytopharma project at
    Ghaziabad U.P. This unit would produce a particular enemy of malignant growth
    drug Taxot separated from production of compound middle person for disease
    drug and Terfenadine a non narcotic enemy of hypersensitive medication. The
    introduced limit of Taxot, the transitional medication and against hypersensitive
    medication would be ‘6 Kg, 40 Kgs. furthermore, 18 tons individually.
  • The organization went into a joint endeavor concurrence with M/s.
    Guldenhorst BV Netherland to frame an organization for fabricate and
    advertising of a wide range of air pocket gum, biting gum, toffees, chocolate
    furthermore, cocoa related items, sugar based spreading creams and so on. The
    organization co-advanced Dabur Money Ltd. to carry on the matter of
    renting, supporting and so forth.
  • 45,50,520 offers dispensed. Compliant with a plan of mixture of
    Dabur with Vidogum. 1994
  • New items sent off were ‘Dentacare,’ Vatika and Lactonic which
    were generally welcomed on the lookout.
  • A coordinated office was planned at Alwar for assembling of
    Ayurvedic Veterinary reach at Alwar, a joint endeavor in specialized
    joint effort with Shikobo Ltd., Japan to broaden the scope of regular
    gum items into speciality items.
  • The organization likewise embraced to set up a task in Himachal Pradesh
    for assembling of Hajmola, honey, Gulabari, Pudin Hara, Lavan
    Bhaskar Churna and delicate easy-swallow pills, part of the current scope of
  • At its Sahibabad plant, the organization embraced to introduce different
    adjusting supplies, motorize tasks, until recently performed
    physically, introduce switch Assimilation plant, a focus plant for
    extraction of spices, barks, roots, seed and so on.
  • The organization additionally attempted to overhaul amla pulping segment, grow
    extra room for ayurvedic unrefined components and to meet the expense of the
    establishment of two extra DG sets.
  • The Organization drifted two organizations an assembling unit in Egypt in
    the name of Dabur Egypt Ltd. furthermore, Dadur Worldwide Ltd. in BVI.
    The organization went into a joint endeavor with Seprache Global
    Ltd. for the sake of ‘Innova’ Inc. For assembling of against disease drug
    specifically ‘Paclitaxel’.
  • The organization marked a MOU with Osein Internatinal Ltd. for
    assembling of bread rolls, nibble, food varieties and different items in India. 1995
  • Notwithstanding the current items, the organization traded items
    like a superior variant of Chyawanprash (with more honey and less
    sharpness) fluid type of Chyawanprash a watery based, hair
    vitalizer Melatonine and so forth.
  • 182,02,080 reward value shares gave in prop. 4:1. During
    November 1993, the organization gave 57,00,000 value portions of Rs 10
    lakh at a prem. of Rs 85 for each portion of which coming up next were
    held for distribution on a particular premise: (1) 2,64,000 sh ares
    to representatives of
    the organization’s investors of gathering cos. (all were taken up); (2)
    5,27,000 offers to NRIs (all were taken); (3) 11,40,000 offers to
    Indian Blade. Insts. (just 8,38,400) shares taken up; (4) 5,40,000
    offers to FIIs (all were taken up); (5) 6,00,000 offers to Indian
    Common Assets (all were taken up). Balance 26,29,000 offers along
    with 3,01,600 offers not taken up by FIIs, gave to public.
    Extra 56,530 value shares assigned. 1996
  • The organization sent off Madhuvanni an anticough planning.
  • A unit was being set up at Baddi for production of Chywanprash
    Janma Ghunti, Lal Tail, Dashmularishta and Ashokarishta. Semi
    engineered pacitaxel and Docetaxel and different bleeding edge against disease
    drugs were being created both for homegrown as well as commodity market.
    The organization proposed to twofold the volume of the Katni plant and
    present current innovation in handling Amla with high efficiency
    furthermore, worked on quality.
  • The organization embraced to set up a joint endeavor in Bangrain of
    France in the names of Dabon Global Pvt. Ltd. Another joint
    adventure viz. General de Confiteria Pvt. Ltd. started commerical
    creation in April 1995. 1997
  • The Organization set up another assembling unit with a serious level of
    robotization at Baddi (H.P.), to create organization’s notable brands
    viz. Chyawanprash, Janma Ghunti, Ayurvedic oils and Asva-Arishtas. A
    present day cooled pressing line was authorized at Sahibabad for
    custom made brands of ethnic glues and line juices.
  • The Dabur India Ltd has framed a joint endeavor with Osem of Israel
    for the development of food item in India. The joint endeavor named
    as Excelcia Food Pvt Ltd will have the Rs.15 settled up capital in which
    Dabur will have 60% stake while Osem will have the rest 40
    penny holding in the organization.
  • The organization broadened its scope of genuine natural product juice by offering
    blended natural product juice and tomato juice. Its veterinary division sent off
    ‘mastilep’ for restoring mastitis in cows.
  • Dabur India sent off a scope of expelled nibble food sources, prepared to-utilize
    cooking glues and sauces here on Thursday.
  • Dabur India is haggling with Antonio Puig of Spain, the creator of
    the Paco Rabanne scent range, and Kesling of France to set up joint
    adventures in the country as a piece of its system to lay out a
    solid presence in the individual consideration area.
  • Dabur India Ltd, Incredible Eastern Transportation Organization Ltd and Ranbaxy
    Research centers Ltd. have consented to arrangements with NSDL to get their
    protections conceded for dematerialisation at NSDL.
  • Dabur Ventures Ltd has consented to a three sided arrangement with the
    Public Protections Safe Ltd and MCS ltd for dematerialising
    Dabur shares, turning into the main MCG organization to profit of the
  • Dabur India Ltd is sending off another correspondence crusade this
    month to reposition its most established brand – ‘Pudinhara’. 1998
  • Dabur India Ltd on nineteenth January 1998 sent off low sodium cooking
    salt called Nutrasalt in Chandigrah.
  • Dabur marked a joint endeavor with Bongrain Global SA of
    France to shape another organization called Dabon Worldwide Ltd
  • Dabur India Ltd has sent off a scope of ayurvedic medical services
    items for canines under the umbrella brand name Ayupet.
  • Dabur India Ltd (DIL) has authorized consultancy firm Respectable and
    Hewitt to prearrange a worker investment opportunity plan.
  • Dabur India has restricted with Godrej Food sources for the production and
    bundling of its ‘Genuine’ scope of organic product squeezes and natural product drinks in
    tetrapacks. 1999
  • Dabur India Ltd has gone into a concurrence with its Spanish
    accomplice Agrolimen to offload its 49% sta

Dabur India Limited (Dabur India) is a company in the personal products sector. The total valuation (market value) of the company is ₹99,874 crore. The price of one share of the company is ₹563.00 in BSE market today and ₹561.75 in NSE market today. The company was established in the year 1975.

बीएसई बाजार मूल्य₹563.00 / ₹0.20 (0.04%)
एनएसई बाजार मूल्य₹561.75 / -₹2.05 (-0.36%)
व्यवसायव्यक्तिगत उत्पाद
व्यावसायिक क्षेत्र(उपलब्ध नहीं)
चिन्ह (Symbol)DABUR
प्रबंध संचालकउपलब्ध नहीं
स्थापना वर्ष1975

महत्वपूर्ण आँकड़े


कंपनी का कुल मूल्यांकन₹99,874 करोड़
आज की शेयर मात्रा7,743
पी/ ई अनुपात56.91%
ईपीएस – टीटीएम9.7672
कुल शेयर1,77,17,60,000
लाभांश प्रतिफल0.94%
कुल लाभांश भुगतान-₹972 करोड़
प्रति शेयर लाभांश₹5.20
सकल लाभ34.52%
परिचालन लाभ17.39%
शुद्ध लाभ15.33%
सकल मुनाफा₹3,565 करोड़
कुल आय₹10,835 करोड़
शुद्ध आय₹1,739 करोड़
अंतिम वार्षिक आय₹10,835 करोड़
वर्तमान अनुपात1.354
ऋण/शेयर अनुपात0.121
त्वरित अनुपात0.736
कुल ऋण₹1,068 करोड़
शुद्ध ऋण-₹7 करोड़
कुल संपत्ति₹12,745 करोड़
वर्तमान संपत्ति₹4,590 करोड़

Agencies Promoters held 67.24 per cent stake in the company as of 30-Jun-2022, while FIIs owned 20.23 per cent, DIIs 4.04 per cent. NSE 3.18 % Ltd. price can reach defined target.

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