How to Increase on YouTube Channel Views – 2023

I know Are you a YouTuber, and want to increase the views of your YouTube videos? So you are reading the right post because on this post I will tell you some tips on how to increase views on youtube channel. By following which you can increase the views of YouTube.

After starting a YouTube channel, everyone thinks about increasing the views on their channel. Because unless your videos will not have good views. Till then you cannot earn money through videos.

That is, to earn money from online business, you need traffic. And to bring more visitors to your YouTube channel, you have to keep some things in mind regularly.

How to increase views on youtube channel?

After creating a Channel on YouTube, you have to share your content on YouTube very properly and perfectly. Otherwise you will not get more views for your videos.

1) Increase views of YouTube channel by sharing quality video

To increase the views on the YouTube channel, putting ads by paying as much money will not be of any use. If your video quality is not good then. So do not upload such videos on your channel, whose quality is not good. Because visitors always like high quality and clear videos more.

2) Use Long Tail Keywords

You have to find a long tail keyword for your video. Long tail keywords have the advantage that they are keywords of low competition, so that your videos will rank easily on youtube.

The biggest benefit of being ranked is that people will search your video. From which you will get views for long term.

3) Do SEO of Video well

It is necessary to do proper seo of the video. If you do not seo the video, then the chances of the video being ranked are reduced.

That’s why you must place your keyword in the title, description and tags of your video.

Proper seo will improve the ranking of your video so that you will get views for a long time.

4) Rename and upload the video file

The biggest reason for not getting views on YouTube channel can also be that many YouTubers make quality videos, but forget to rename the video and upload it like this. If you also do this, then from today onwards, before uploading each of your videos, rename and add keywords to it, and then upload it.

5) Make Thumbnail of Video good

Even by making Shirf Quality videos, you do not get more viewers for your channel. Because when visitors see your video somewhere, then first of all visitors see the thumbnails of your video. In such a situation, if the thumbnail of your video is not good, then visitors will not watch your video.

So always make the thumbnail of videos nice and attractive, which visitors would like to click on seeing. And the thumbnail size of YouTube video is 1280 * 720, for which you can take the help of

6) Increase views of YouTube channel by selecting the best Videos Title

Do you know that along with video thumbnail many visitors also check your title. Because many YouTubers make different types of Thumbnail and Tittle.

And something different happens on the video, as you must have seen, on the thumbnail of many songs, they add Honey Singh’s photo and Honey Singh’s name on the title. And on clicking and watching the video, there is someone else’s video.

By doing this you can increase the views on your channel at least once. But when the visitors will come to know that the video does not have the content which you have written in the title, then the visitors will exit your channel. And they will never click on your videos next.

So always keep the title related to the video. And use eye-catching title on your videos.

7) Keep the length of the video good

How long do you make videos? The length of videos also helps you in increasing the traffic of YouTube channel. Because if you put a video of 2 or 3 minutes, then there will be no information in the details on it.

So you give complete information about your content. This will be the length of your video. And visitors will like you too.

8) Write Video Description SEO Friendly

Video description is a very important part to increase views on YouTube. Because it helps to show your video on top.

That’s why you use the description on your video very well. And also add the keyword on it. And also add links to social sites as well. If someone wants to contact you, he can do it.

9) Increase views of YouTube channel by doing Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has a very big role to play in promoting online business. Share your videos on all the popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit.

Like you will get many viewer’s for your videos. And the best social site is Facebook, on which you can share your videos and invite all your friends to subscribe to your channel.

10) Use Quora

After doing all the activity of Youtube, we have to pay attention to External Traffic Sources.

Like you can use Quora to increase views.

On Quora, you have to search a question related to the topic of your video. After this you have to write an article of about 400 words and link your video in the article.

Quora is such a powerful source that views come very fast on it and due to internal linking, those views will also go to your video.

11) Create Telegram Channel

Similarly, you also have to create Telegram Channel and Build Audience there.

Now you have to pitch your old videos to those audiences from time to time and promote whatever latest video you publish.

Even with this your views will start increasing.

12) Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines

To bring visitors to YouTube channel, you have to follow google guidelines properly to show your video from the top of search results. Only then you will get many viewers for your videos.

When you start YouTube Channel, you would never want Google to close your channel, because you have worked hard on it.

But if you do not follow the Google Content Guidelines, then traffic will never come on your channel, as well as Google can also delete your channel. And if you want to be successful in online business, then you must read Google terms and conditions. Which you will get a good knowledge about the rules of doing online business.

13) Reply to visitors’ comments, likes

Yes, you can increase your YouTube traffic even with comments. When you share a video, many viewers comment on it, you check each and every comment and find out that in which topic your visitors want to watch videos next.

And even if you make videos according to the request of visitors, you will get many returning visitors.

14) Increase YouTube channel views by sharing trending videos

Everyone wants to know about new things. So you always create videos of latest news. Because everyone will come to watch the video after searching about the latest news and will also share your videos. Which you will get many new viewers for your YouTube channel.

15) Create a blog

To increase views on videos, you create a blog and share the video on it. Also, you can earn money from your blog by blogging about your videos on it.

16) Use Good Tags

You should find Low Competition and Searchable Tags for your video.

Benefit from this will be, views will come on your videos because your videos will be ranked on those tags from which you will start getting views.

17) Work on only one Niche

Friends, our biggest mistake is that when we get less views or start making off topic videos in the greed of views.

This causes you a great loss. If you do not make videos according to your Niche, then your CTR will start getting worse.

Due to which your views will start decreasing instead of increasing.

That’s why you always have to work on the same niche.

Finally, I hope how to increase views on YouTube channel. Did you find this information good and helpful? But still, if you have any question, then tell me on the comment box below.

I will be glad to help you.

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