Know home remedies for knee pain – 2023

In this blog, some of the best ways to get rid of knee pain. It has the right home remedies which you can do easily. Still, if you have pain for a long time, then definitely contact the doctor. Do not ignore such pain. can sometimes take the form of a serious illness

Knee and joint pain is a big problem in today’s time, which does not come after seeing age. The biggest reason for this is being overweight. In this world of diseases, man should first of all be responsible towards his body. If your weight is more, then reduce it in time, and if you are less, then increase it.

Being overweight or underweight both are injurious to the body. Apart from this, it should be mandatory to do activities like yoga, pranayama, walk or gym on a daily basis for good prevention of the body.

Agreed that if diseases have increased in today’s time, then there are remedies for that too, but there are many better remedies than medical remedies, in yoga practice, pranayama or everyday home remedies. But if they are adopted in time, then they definitely get benefit.

Knee pain is a very painful problem whenever there is knee pain, Nani reminds

To avoid knee pain, physical exercise and home remedies are always better than surgery, but these measures give proper benefits only if done in time. They have no effect on the passage of time. So wake up on time and don’t ignore diseases like knee pain.

All about knee pain

three important causes of knee pain

1. Weight:

If the body weight is high and the knee muscles are weak, then there is knee pain. For this, go for a daily walk, if possible run. Also do regular yoga. Read about it in detail.

2. When the lubricant is low:

The cause of pain in the joints of the body is the lack of lubricant from the body, such a fluid due to which it is easy to move the joints, if it is lacking, then there is pain in the knees (Ghutno main dard).

3. Excessive physical work

Even if you have run excessively during your youth or have been a player of any sport like running, football, cricket or hockey etc., then even after a time, the knees become swollen and they start hurting. Apart from this, many people do more treadmill and cycling in the gym than necessary, thinking it will reduce weight but later it becomes the cause of severe knee pain (Ghutno main dard). That’s why it is said time and again that doing any work more than necessary gives trouble.

These are the three main reasons due to which pain in knees (Ghutno main dard) remains. Go ahead some home remedies which can provide relief in knee pain.

home remedies for knee pain

1. Ice training:

To get instant relief from knee pain (Ghutno main dard), ice cubes are applied, this improves blood flow and provides relief in both swelling and pain in the knee. For compressing ice, wrap it in a cloth and slowly rub it on the knee, repeat this process for 10 to 20 minutes, it will give you instant relief.

2. Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in knee pain:

Apple cider vinegar provides relief in knee pain. It removes harmful toxins from the body around the knee or other joint area, as well as increases the lubricant of the joint, which reduces knee or joint pain. I get relief.

Method of taking apple cider vinegar:

  • Mix two cups of vinegar in your hot water while taking a bath and use that water to rub your knees.
  • Take mustard oil with apple cider vinegar and massage your knees with it.
  • Mix two table spoons of apple cider vinegar in two glasses of water and drink that water slowly.

This will give relief in knee pain and other joint pain.

3. Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek seeds provide relief in joint and knee pain. After consuming it for about 30 to 90 days, the chronic pain starts getting better.

4. How to take Fenugreek seeds:

  • Make a powder of 10 to 15 grams of fenugreek seeds and eat one spoon with a glass of warm water daily on an empty stomach.
  • Soak 8 to 10 fenugreek seeds overnight and eat it with water as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • By doing this remedy daily for 30 to 90 days, you will get relief from old knee pain or other joint pain.

5. Ginger intake:

Ginger works like a beneficial herb, its use cures many diseases. Ginger acts as a pain reliever, its consumption removes all the pains of the body and also cures muscle pain. This meat reduces the stiffness of muscles, which gives relief in pain.

How to consume ginger:

  • Drink ginger tea two to three times daily.
  • Mix ginger juice in water, boil it and drink it after mixing it with honey and lemon juice.
  • Mix ginger juice and honey and drink it.
  • Massage with ginger oil on the knee and painful area 2 to 3 times daily.
  • All these remedies of ginger will give you relief in knee pain.

6. Beneficial turmeric gives relief in knee pain:

Turmeric is very beneficial in pain, which has properties that are pain killers. Along with this, they are also helpful in curing the swelling of the body parts. That’s why people take turmeric milk at night. Turmeric is also very beneficial in arthritis pain.

7. How toUse turmeric?

  • Boil half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of water and take it with honey.
  • Heat turmeric and lick it with honey.
  • Boil half a teaspoon of turmeric in milk and drink it.

In this way, consume turmeric in some form or the other, it will give you relief in body pain.

8. Lemon and Amla:

For relief in any kind of pain, eating lemon and amla gives relief in physical pain or arthritis pain, for this lemon can be taken with food daily. Amla juice can also be taken.

In this way, all these are very good, easy and without any harm remedies, which gives relief in knee pain.

Apart from these home remedies for knee pain, there are some yogasanas which are also beneficial in knee, back and back pain.

Most of the people who have pain in their knees (Ghutno main dard) need to walk for 30 minutes daily and if you can run it will be great.

Yogasanas for knee or other physical pain:

NumberNumber Yogasan NameHow to do Yogasan
1Standingstraight in Tadasana, straighten your back and gently stretch it as far as possible by standing on the strength of your claws. Do this repeatedly and hold it in the same position for some time.
2In Padahastasanastanding straight, bend the lower leg forward and without bending the knees, touch the toes of the feet.
3Mountain poseWhile doing padahastasana, keeping the hands forward, keep them on the floor and move the feet backward. Keeping the back upwards, make the shape of a mountain. Also keep the spine and knees straight.
4TrikonasanaIn this, by spreading the legs, bend from the waist and with the right hand, touch the feet of the opposite leg and the toes of the right leg with the opposite hand, respectively.
5BhujangasanaIn this, lying on the stomach, keep the palms of the hands on the ground and by opening the elbows slightly, the body lifts the front part as above. Keep in mind that the elbows remain slightly bent.
6horse steeringPlace your left leg/right leg between both the hands and bend the knee, take the right leg/left leg backwards. Bend the neck backwards as much as possible. Repeat the process by changing legs.

There are many such yogasanas which give relief in physical problems and do not cause any harm. Knee Pain Home Treatment In Hindi:

Ghutno main dard This article will specially give you relief in knee pain (Gutno main dard) and all the home remedies are easily available to you. And there are no side effects.

Yoga has many benefits, make it an important part of life. Home remedies are the best solution for any disease. Because it neither costs a lot of money nor does it cause any harm.

Also, it has many benefits. Yoga has not one but many benefits. Click here to know the benefits of yoga. Read on to know the benefits of yoga.

The most useful yoga in yoga mode is Surya Namaskar. Which has many benefits, it makes the body shapely along with reducing weight. All the qualities are present in all its 12 yogas.

Big film stars also start their day with Surya Naskr every day. Take out time to make your life healthy and do Surya Namaskar. It balances the structure of the body and maintains flexibility in it, which gives relief from physical pain. Read in detail about Surya Namaskar.

How much did you benefit from this article for relief in knee pain. Do you know any other recipe apart from this, which gives relief to the patients, then do share with us.

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